Like everything good that is home made, Script and Grain was established at home in the fall of 2021 from SCRATCH.

ZERO Laser knowledge, little to no plan, and a mere gut instinct. 

If you landed here, I'm thinking you may be in a similar place. Everyone begins at the moment of inspiration... so consider this your invitation to BEGIN, and let me help you get that ball rolling with resources I put together to aid you along the way.
Hi, Im Jes-with-one-S,
wife to my college sweetheart Ben, mom of five humans, former history teacher/adjunct professor turned Daydream Believer, and 3x business owner featured in national publications and educational workshops.
I love the sweetest of wines and the strongest of whiskey, wear sawdust by day and a little black dress by night (when there is a babysitter lined up).
I can't WAIT to meet you.
 Jes Smith - Script and Grain

 In creating this little space on the web, I hope to share all my experiences as a mama who left the full time grind, found success in the laser world, and create valuable sources for you to aid building your own success, too!

Current Laser: Aeon Laser Mira 9*

The Laser Lounge by Script and Grain

Resource Library

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Our Story

A Crush, A Break-up, and a Happily Ever After: How We Chose the Aeon Laser Family. [BLOG] or [YouTube]

Our Laser Business Success Journey. [BLOG] or [YouTube]

Blinded by the... Leap? Leaving that full time gig.

Laser Lessons

Types of Lasers [YouTube]

THREE Things we Love the Most about AEON Laser USA. [BLOG] or [YouTube]

How to use AEON Laser's Smart Rotary Device

How to Drain and Change the Water Chiller

How to Clean Your Laser Machine

How I Package Delicate Wood/Acrylic Cut Outs

Tip! How I Brand all my products... Quickly!

Tip! How I Quickly Cut Larger Sheets of Wood.

How to run a Perfect Engrave with your Smart Rotary

How to Install Stand-Offs on your Signs

How I Paint Fill my Engraving

How to Cut Repeating Graphics and Reduce Material Waste in Lightburn

Coming Soon: Squaring the Laser Head

Coming Soon: 5 Things to do after your Laser Purchase

Material Tips and Tricks

How I cut Foam Core Board with my AEON Laser

How to engrave Outdoor Mats with your Laser

How to Engrave Tiered Glasses with Smart Rotary

How to Cut ½" Wood with your 100w Laser

How to Cut Tiny Pieces Part 1 and Part 2

How to cut Felt with your 100w Laser

Taking Care of Business

Building a Life You Love - Podcast Feature with Sarah Jansel

Nix the Niche... Calling bullshit on finding your "thing"

Tools I Love - Trello for Project Management

Tools I Love - Dubsado

Branding Made Easy - Canva

Getting the Record Straight - Paper + Spark

Make It Minute + Tutorials

Check out some quick how-to's behind the scenes in my Make it Minute segment where I show you how I laser cut and/or engraved a variety of products, from knives to cookie cakes, in under one minute!

Make it with Me: Valentines Day Door Hanger

Make it with Me: A Simple and Quick Keychain

Running On...

This is a series of my own thoughts and words of encouragement for you! From pep talks to real talk, I will lay it all out there for aspiring business owners and other daydream believers who want to ignite their inner spark.

Spark Notes: Free Guides and Cheat Sheets

Setting SMART Goals - Download

Build Your Biz Checklist 

My Recommended AEON Mira Add-Ons

My Mira 9 Laser Setting Library (Exclusive Content)

Coming Soon: My Favorite Suppliers (Exclusive Content)

My Favorite Professionals That I Can't Recommend Enough

Rachel Mummert Commercial Photography Hanover PA
Rachel Mummert Photography - Commercial Photography (Branding and Product)
Freedom Bookkeeping, Small Business Maryland

Suzanne Martin - Small business lifesaver (for real ya'll) Freedom Bookkeeping Services

Hidden Path Creative Packaging Design

Hidden Path Creative - Kelley; creating branding & packaging designs for iconic brands  

Paper and Spark Bookkeeping and Spreadsheets
Paper and Spark - Janet; CPA who breaks down the financial side of small businesses
Danielle Reese Financial Coach

Danielle Reese - Money and Finance Coach

Jansel and Co

Jansel & Co. (Sarah Jansel) - Queen of everything Shopify

*I am a proud partner with Aeon Laser USA and receive opportunities to grow my own business with your laser interest. If you think I have helped you in any way, using my partner link in requesting more information would be the biggest THANK YOU!* 

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