Three Things I love about Aeon

 Three Reasons Why I Love My Aeon Mira

...and why you would, too!


Narrowing down the reasons why Ben and I LOVE the Aeon Laser family was PRETTY difficult and the best we could do is umbrella the categories as to why we love Aeon. But if you are considering a Laser, you won't want to miss this blog!

(And for a more "real" account of our journey, check out How we Chose the Aeon Laser Family!)

Cue the Eye of the Tiger music baby, because here. we. go!


1. Customer AND Tech Support

If there is any reason to invest in the AEON laser family, it is this one here. Ask the Faccebook community too- this would be their top answer.

They go hand in hand at Aeon; it's not one or the other... it's BOTH.

Nowadays anywhere you go you become a support ticket number, have some rando call and speak super fast because there is a line behind you, and then give you a list of things to try before they call you back in a few days. F@!# that noise. 

AEONs support had us from the get go, after getting stood up several times by Glowforge. Thank goodness we did, because that only raised our standards. 

Aeon Laser Mira 9

You need a quick answer? AEON is there. AND have an online Facebook community you can pitch to as well.

You need a part super quick because something went wonky? AEON cares that you may have an intense client and will make sure that you not only have your part needed for those minor-acrylic-stud earrings, but will schedule the call to help repair the issue to. 

And they will call again. They will follow up in a few hours, days, a week, just to make sure everything is continuing to flow smoothly.

You will KNOW them. I can name my top three techs like they are my besties and they know me by name, business and phone number too. Can you provide the name of the person you were last on a tech call with, for anything?


Your clients are their clients and they will do anything to reflect the best experience possible to them, and not deflect problems to you.


2. Clean and compact

We ended up building a workshop just for Script and Grain with our laser investment, but it wasn't necessary to. In fact, we could easily have operated from a secluded room in the house or our basement because even though our beast weighs over 500 pounds, it is compact enough. And it is sooo darn quiet!

Additionally, the water chiller, exhaust fan, and air pump are mounted inside the machine, which gives you optimal room for all your materials, scraps and of course, projects! 

Ben and I (Bahaha, OK just Ben) built a stand for our laser so that it sat up higher for me to work with. Under it we can store cleaning supplies, extra laser tools/lens pieces and even stack wood. 

Don't get me wrong, materials can get dusty. But so can your home; so with proper cleaning and ventilation a quick cleaning is all it takes to maintain your space and environment. 

Aeon Mira 9 Laser 

 This was a big factor in deciding upon a laser. We were amazed that we could get a commercial grade laser with the total package built in. Additionally, we would be comfortable putting several lasers together in the same workspace when we go to add on because of them being clean and compact- so there is definitely room for growth. Something we did not originally think of when investing!

3. Efficiency, Power and room for Growth

OK so this is like, three more reasons we love AEON in one but hey, just consider it a bonus ok? The moral to this story is that you will never know how far you can push yourself. 

Custom Business Signs  

We picked the Aeon Mira 9 because of the speed and power. When we purchased, we were going to "start small" and just engrave a few things. Maybe some tumblers, gifts, and items like that. 

Post purchase, we are doing all that while also constructing 8 foot signs. 

AND they are continuously evolving their products to help YOU with add ons. They now offer a 4" lens which allows for deeper, thicker cutting AND a multi-roller where we can engrave several tumblers at once (Yup, they're mine now too!)

This past Christmas season, from November 26-December 22 we pushed through over 235 products. That is in less than 30 days. 

The point is, we thought we would skip the Mira 7 and upgrade right away to the Mira 9 because it just added a little more punch. 

  • It was more than a hobby laser at that point,
  • it allowed for quick and clean cutting and engraving
  • Being efficient allowed us to scale and grow where we thought we would be. 

We doubled our 2022 goals. 

We thought "going big" with the Aeon Mira 9 would be what our business revolved around. But not even one year into it, I already said several times "I could use another one of these!"

Check out this graphic to see which laser may be right for you:

Aeon Laser Models Comparison Chart

Recently finishing our first year in business, we received more orders than expected. We were able to say yes to last minute clients and quickly fix any products that needed it. 

With our growing client base, product turnaround is everything. And having the right tools is motivating which in-turn, keeps that creative spark alive. The possibilities are limitless as we continue to create the most special pieces we never thought we could. Be prepared to want more for yourself and your business, and know that it is possible. 

We couldn't have done it without AEON, so we do it WITH them.  


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