A crush, a breakup, and a Happy Ever After: How we Chose Aeon

When exploring ways to grow my already existing business, there's nothing that starts a conversation better with your spouse than the statement, "I think we need a laser." Umm, OK.  A what?

Our laser-journey greatly resembles that of a Holiday Hallmark Movie.

So grab the popcorn and hold on...


After running my own stationery and calligraphy business for seven years, Ben must have decided it was time for more. And by more- he meant something to make me totally uncomfortable.

You know, because timing is always ideal. Just two months prior, I "won the lottery" with facial paralysis, a global pandemic hit and newborn twins (among three OTHER babies) were welcomed to the family. So, why not learn something new and out of our comfort zone to expand our income? #nostress

So naturally, interrogation mode set it!

Will this help scale my business?

But, should it be it's own business?

How much are these things?

Which one do we get?

What the heck does all that terminology associated with lasers mean?

and of course, most importantly, how on earth do you use it?!

 Our Little Laser Family


Part I: The Attention Grabber:

Google, YouTube and friends in similar industries were the go-to and with the help of Alicia from Wondermint Goods, Rebekah of Doodles by Rebekah, and Emily from That Mom with a Laser, we were able to narrow our selection down to three: Glowforge, Boss and Aeon. 

Glowforge was well known and is Alicias powerhouse. It seemed compact, relatively affordable, and really impressed us with their demonstrations and tutorials.

Boss was powerful, and right here in the U.S. and was praised by Rebekah. They had great reviews and their website really broke down the components to make it understandable. Additionally, it was in a price range that was just around that of the Glowforge. A definite contender!

And then Emilys YouTube Channel introduced us to Aeon - the mystery man in the background that we never heard of but caught our eye. They peaked our interest, but who are they?

Part II: The Crush

Our answer was obvious. It had to be Glowforge; all the information aligned with what we thought we wanted. A crafty/hobby machine, engraves and cuts small wood and acrylic among other materials. I could add products to JesSmith Designs for bridal clients to expand my existing business. it was popular, well known, and seemed to be the total package.

We were all in.  Checkbook out, we scheduled an appointment to chat with a representative.

(Total Hallmark movie plot twist here!)

We got the babysitter. We held our phone in our hands because they call you. We stared at the screen just waiting for "the one" to call...

...and we waited...

...and we waited. 

Laser Comparison Notes  45 minutes into our heartbreak wait-a-thon, we searched franticly on their website for any phone number that could connect us to someone. The only phone number dumped us right into an answering machine. After a few rather hostile emails (babysitters for five are expensive, ya'll), someone called. They rep that was supposed to meet us went home for the night and missed the appointment. 


Part III: The breakup

The oh-so-dreamy Glowforge turned out to be the narcissist-jock type to us. We didn't end up asking any questions with the person who did call because aside from consistently redirecting us to their videos on YouTube, we didn't feel that our time, and monetary investment mattered.  Glowforge was just not the commitment type. 

Back to the dating ring it was. 

And as anyone in the dating ring, I investigated the contenders further. I joined facebook groups for all the laser brands and would make this my number one suggestion to anyone looking to invest.

I learned here that the dreamy GF was really the heartbreaker of the show with bad customer service and parts that needed frequent repair, among other things. 

So crazy me actually sent a message to YouTube-Web Celeb Emily asking for advice and OMG - she CALLED ME (Imagine her in that Hallmark movie as the bestie who passed me tissues and chocolates and gave me the slap-across-the-face-wake-up-call-needed). I told her how we were totally burned by the other laser company and that we would love her input where she drew our attention back to Aeon - you know, the mystery man (or Mr. Small Town meets ambitious hopes and dreams). She went into detail about the positive aspects of the Aeon laser family and it truly seemed like every one of our "wants" was met - it was the commitment type!

Part IV: The Happily Ever After

We called AEON and someone answered the first time. They were so happy, focused and discussed not just what our questions focused on, but more. 

They wanted us to be educated about the lasers and what they had to offer before we made any decision. All the freebies, all the perks, were not even brought up in a "persuasive" way. That was a bonus we discovered.

Aeon, "the Mystery Man" seemed to have it all; an array of powerful lasers and the customer support to back it up. The reviews checked out, as we couldn't find anything negative about this laser brand. 

We saw that there were some YouTube videos and a decent following, and we liked the idea that this company was evolving and we could evolve with it. 

Script and Grain goes AEON! 


The cliche, People won't remember what you say but they will always remember how you made them feel just fits this perfectly.

We met - we felt excited - we felt we could commit. Most importantly, we had trust that Aeon would be there when we truly needed. 

And it wasn't long after [enter the last 60 seconds of the Hallmark movie where the lovebirds finally realize they were meant to be all along] that we brought the investment to where it should have been all long: into the Aeon Laser Family.

Don't be afraid of Commitment. 

Cheers to our new Mira 9  

Ready to become a part of our family too? I am a proud Aeon Laser Ambassador and know they would love to chat with you to answer more questions! Check out this link to grab more info. 


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