Aeon Success Story

Now, this is a story all about how
our lives got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute... Just sit right thereI'll tell you how we became owners of an Aeon las[air].

OK so clearly rapping wasn't in our cards, but being owners of a laser machine was never either. The story of our journey is too long for a single social post, but since we often get asked, we wanted to share - and hopefully inspire - others with our journey  in how I left my eleven year teaching career during a global pandemic and successfully launched Script and Grain.

Because I'm one with words, I'll segment this up so you can skim and pick around!

Setting the backdrop: Pre-Laser Life

I LOVED teaching History. Being able to nerd-out and share rarely told stories of our nations veterans and the "gray areas" in history was EXCITING... until it wasn't. The profession changed so much in my eleven year teaching career and my passion was like a candle that slowly was meeting the end of the wick. 

I won Excellence in Teaching awards through Notre Dame. Completed my masters with honors. Even received VFW History teacher of the year. 

But when business makes its way too far into the educational system, I came home drained and depleted, and my only "spark" was my short fuse my family experienced. 

Jessica F Smith - American Military University


JesSmith Designs  was my part-time, on the side job to teaching and eventually aided in being my exit. It didn't take much convincing from Ben to leave, but I needed to figure out how to bring in more income to support our family.

Well then, what better timing to find out that we were expecting twins, right?!

Oh yea- that was a treat! With three kids already and two more on the way, we were ALWAYS great with timing. And you'll see, timing always plays a role in our story!

Our NICU Twin Journey

We had our twins in the fall of 2019, almost two months early. They had an extensive NICU stay, and as if that wasn't enough, about one week after they were born I woke up and my smile was gone.

Yup, you read that right.  I looked in the mirror and thought I was having a stroke; my face was "melting". In a way, I can count my blessings that I was not; but I was diagnosed with facial paralysis that developed into sykenesis and thus will always be a part of my life.


We brought the twins home, I was still seeing specialists and then boom. A global pandemic was spreading.

It was the PERFECT timing for us to have the "we need more income" chat (insert eye-roll here). 

Infant Twins, Funny Face, Pandemic and.... a Laser?!

I guess you can say all of that and an ambitious husband inspired me to look into service offerings that JesSmith Designs could expand on. 

Today, we offer so much more than we thought we would. 

We didn't know the capabilities the machine had until we were knee deep in creating the most sentimental, professional and personal gifts for people. For this reason, we established our second business you see today: Script + Grain. Our Aeon Mira 9 laser opened up a whole new world for us. 

I tell you all about my background because there is never a perfect time.  Additionally, if you are curious about it, then you, too, can learn the ropes and make your dream a reality. I had no idea that what Im doing now would be my passion!

YES, it's a 500+ pound machine. 
YES, it is a learning curve... but,
YES, you have support of a whole community, and AEON, to get you moving.  

Custom Business Signage
Baby Announcement
Look what I Made Magnets
Large Custom Business Signs
Engraved Recipe Cutting Board

My Mira is a Game Changer.

Obviously since purchasing the Aeon Mira 9 laser, I own not just one, but TWO businesses that make my heart beat. I can segment from one to another, seamlessly. 

But most importantly, my life is different. (Yup, here's THAT part).

Because I was able to supplement my income, I got to stay home with my twins when they grew their entire first year (cue the sap music). Before, grandma and daycare got to witness first steps, words, and MY special moments. This time, I got to be a part of it. I saw the wobbles. I saw them make a mess with lunches. I kept each and every, single, snuggle. 

While I was growing this business and learning during nap times, I was able to grow and raise my last two babies and THAT alone made it all 100% worth it. There isn't a time that I share this story that I don't stop to think "wow, I never would have been able to see my babies grow". Isn't that awful? That a career driven women, wouldn't of otherwise had that opportunity? 

This is why Aeon became my family.

Advice for those going down my path:

Doing your own research and seeing what is right for you is the easy way out in giving advice. So let me help you a little further:

- DO your own research and understand the basics of lasers (50w, 100w, etc.)

DON'T answer "other peoples" question in deciding, "What do you want to make?" because if I did this, Id be making place cards and bar menus. Instead, ask yourself "What can become possible with what I can make?"

DO join all the facebook communities. Yup, all of them. Because no one will be more honest than a maker experiencing issues during busy season. THOSE are your real reviews. 

-Don't play the comparison game. Everyone has what they love to make, you do NOT need to make that too. 

-DO hit me up if you have any questions! I'm happy to help.

 Facebook Communities:




Boss Laser

OM Tech


In the end: learning something new never hurt anyone. (It may hurt our wallets, but hey, we all have our 'thing right?)

  • I had twins who were premies.
  • I have on going facial paralysis post twin birth. 
  • We hit a global pandemic a month after that. 
  • I left my teaching career and needed to pinch pennies.
  • I have five flippin kids involved in *all the sports*.
  • I have a husband who already works hard, and a lot. I would be on my own for a lot of this.


    Ya'll, I truly did have every excuse in my playbook but I couldn't let that stop me. I didn't get this far pursuing my passion, just to get that far. 

    I was hungry for dreams I didn't even know I had at the time. And when one thing, one Aeon machine can ignite those dreams to make them bigger than they ever were before and ever than I could of imagined,  your whole world changes.

     Making dreams a reality is my superpower (insert muscle emoji here).


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