A crush, a breakup, and a Happy Ever After: How we Chose Aeon

Our laser-journey greatly resembles that of a Holiday Hallmark Movie.

So grab the popcorn and hold on...

 After running my own stationery and calligraphy business for seven years, Ben must have decided it was time for more. And by more- he meant something to make me totally uncomfortable.

You know, because timing is always ideal. Just two months prior, I "won the lottery" with facial paralysis, a global pandemic hit and newborn twins (among three OTHER babies) were welcomed to the family. So, why not learn something new and out of our comfort zone to expand our income? #nostress

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Aeon Success Story

Now, this is a story all about howour lives got flipped-turned upside downAnd I'd like to take a minute... Just sit right thereI'll tell you how we became owners of an Aeon las[air]. OK so clearly rapping wasn't in our cards, but being owners of a laser machine was never either. The story of our journey is too long for a single social post, b...
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