5 Feature Favs with my AEON Mira 9

AEON Mira 9: My 5 Favorite Features

Hey guys! In case you missed it over on "all things social media", this week I am sharing my top FIVE favorite features of my AEON Laser, the Mira 9. 

Narrowing down the reasons why Ben and I LOVE the Aeon Laser family was PRETTY difficult and the best we could do is umbrella the categories as to why we love Aeon. But if you are considering a Laser, you won't want to miss this blog!

(And for a more "real" account of our journey, check out How we Chose the Aeon Laser Family!)

Let's Get to it!

1. Front Door Drop Down

"But will we really need to use it?" The answer is YES. It may seem extra, but the ability to be able to open the front door to not only engrave large objects (someone just requested a guitar!) but to cut them too (our large signage turned out to be best sellers). With it open, I can cut up to a 35" round circle and material nearly 4' in length. 

Check it out, here!

2. AEON as Superheroes

This is why we chose AEON in the first place; they have the best customer service, hands down, likely in the world. In fact, if these "favorites" were in any special order, this would certainly be Number ONE. 

I have had my laser in possession for nearly two and a half years at the time of writing this; and thankfully, I never had any major issues. But when I have, customer support makes it a bigger deal to them than it often is to me; they will call or text evenings, weekends, and even overnight parts just to keep me up and running. 

They also provide support calls to walk through the process of anything that may need fixing. They make you feel a part of the team, and not just a client of one. 

 Want me to prove it? Check out my lastest support experience.

3. Adding depth with varying thickness

 After growing my skillset with my AEON Mira 9, I realized that I could really make my custom signs pop with a variation of depth in materials. From less than 1/16 of an inch - or really, even card stock - all the way through ½" birch ply, the power of the Mira 9 100 watt is strong in it's cuts and engraving.

Lately, I have even been playing with the strength and burn speed to even create visuals through engraving, incorporating both light and dark/deep engraves in my artwork. 

Check out some of my favorites!

4. Versatility

 Unleashing the full potential of my AEON Mira 9 laser machine has been a game-changer in my creative journey. From delicate paper crafts to intricate leather designs, this powerful tool opens up a world of possibilities. With the ability to effortlessly cut through materials like wood and engrave on glass, it's not just a machine; it's a gateway to transforming visions into reality. The versatility it provides is the driving force behind my ability to bring diverse projects to life. Whether crafting personalized gifts or designing intricate prototypes, this laser machine has become an indispensable ally in turning imagination into tangible, awe-inspiring creations.

Check out this wedding that I created signage for, small and LARGE!


The lightning-fast speed of my 100-watt CO2 laser machine has become a game-changer in my workshop, elevating productivity to new heights. With the ability to swiftly cut and engrave materials, this machine ensures that intricate designs come to life in record time. Witnessing the remarkable efficiency, I've seen a significant reduction in turnaround time – a critical factor in meeting tight deadlines. Just this week, we strarted with nearly 60 orders, and within a mere four days, the count was slashed in half... allowing me to meet client expectations seamlessly. It's not just a tool; it's a catalyst for efficiency, ensuring every project is completed with precision and speed.


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