Holiday Gift Guide - for HIM

There is so much beauty in the holiday season... the twinkling lights, the crisp frosty air and the warmth of love brought from friends and family all season long.  But there is also the Deer in the Headlights. You know, the "OMG WHAT THE H@!! do I get [insert difficult person here] for Christmas?!" That's where we step in; the magical Elves in...
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Welcome to Script and Grain!

Welcome to our new web-space! We are Jes + Ben, a husband and wife team based in Central PA who offer hand crafted, personalized decor and gift giving experiences through laser engraving services. We are so humbled that you are here!

We are sure that there are a ton of questions about our new business venture, among our others, and we hope to use our blog to answer them here.

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