10 Fun, Unique, and Useful Easter Basket Stuffers

Spring has officially arrived, which means Easter will be here before we know it! This year, Easter falls on Sunday, April 9, so it’s coming up quickly. And we have to admit that planning Easter baskets is one of our favorite things to do each spring. That’s partly because we enjoy seeing which items you choose to add to your baskets! If you’re still in the planning process, we thought we would inspire your Easter basket search with 10 items that are fun, unique, and usable far beyond the holiday. So, let’s dive in!


Easter Basket Monogrammed Name Tags

Kids absolutely love when they spot their name on anything, so pick up these pastel colored Easter basket tags. The bunny shape makes them perfect for the holiday, and this is also a piece you can leave on your child’s basket for years to come. Each one is made from acrylic, so they promise to last!


Easter Egg Coin Tokens 

If you would like to add a little something different to the inside of your Easter eggs, try these tokens. Each one represents a little treat or an activity you can do together, and we love that they last for much longer than the holiday. As your child turns them in, set them aside in the small canvas pouch to reuse for another year (we update our sets often!)


Double Layer Name Tags

Personalized name tags are always in style! Purchase one to tie onto an Easter basket. Then encourage the recipient to tie it onto another bag that they frequently use. The tags are available in light or dark wood, and the double layer makes them even more eye-catching.


Personalized Bamboo Toothbrush

Popping new everyday items into an Easter basket is one way to make them feel a bit more fun! This personalized bamboo toothbrush is definitely one such find. The colorful bristles are sure to be a hit amongst kids, and the personalization means you will always be able to tell siblings’ toothbrushes apart if they share a bathroom. It’s also worth noting that these are biodegradable.  


Easter Bunny Tag with Peeps Earrings

This Easter bunny tag offers a different take on a way to personalize an Easter basket. Plus, it comes with Peeps earrings! The tag is wooden, and it comes with ribbon to tie it onto a basket so you won’t have to worry about having any on hand. If you’re looking for an under-$15 find, this is it! Have a little lady who loves bows? Be sure to check out our local collab with Addy + Maddie Bows to turn this into the ultimate gift set!


Pocket Pal Hug Buddies 

If you frequently travel or your child gets sad when they spend time apart from you, tuck these hug buddies into their Easter basket. Each one is made from wood and acts as a hug from you, and it comes with an adoption certificate your little one can complete. There are 50 different animals available, so have fun choosing the one you think they will love the most.


Acrylic Sports Bag Tag

Older kids can feel tricky to shop for, but we all know many still love receiving a full Easter basket. The best thing to do is to embrace their interests when choosing items, and we know so many kids love sports. This sports bag tag is acrylic and designed to represent their favorite sport. Plan to add the child’s name, address, and phone number to complete it and have it ready for their favorite sports bag!


Personalized Travel Jewelry Box 

The summer travel season is almost here, and few things are more frustrating to experience when you’re away than jewelry that easily tangles. This jewelry box allows you to fix that pesky problem, and it’s ideal for older kids (especially those who are in sports or college). Choose five different colors and six different personalization options to create your unique piece.


Personalized Mini Hairbrushes

Another everyday item you can add to an Easter basket is a personalized mini hairbrush! It arrives with the child’s name on it. The smaller size means they can use it at home, but it’s also so easy to tuck inside of a toiletry bag on vacation or to go to camp. This is a great, useable $10 gift!


Personalized Pencil Set 

There are a few more weeks left of school, so give your child a little extra inspiration through this personalized pencil set. Plan to add their name as well as a few of your favorite mantras or quotes to each pencil for a unique group of #2 pencils that’s ready to be put to work at school.


What are your favorite items to put inside Easter baskets? Let us know in the comments, so we can all find inspiration through your suggestions!

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