Welcome to Script and Grain!

Welcome to our new web store!

We are Jes + Ben, a husband and wife team based in Central PA who offer hand crafted, personalized decor and gift giving experiences through laser engraving services. We are so humbled that you are here!

We are sure that there are a ton of questions about our new business venture, and we hope to use our blog to answer them below. However, feel free to leave a comment if we miss any details you are curious about... we promise, we will read them all! (Ya know, one of many perks in working with a small biz!)

Question One: Why, in the middle of a global pandemic and raising twin babies/five kiddos, did you ever think starting yet another business was a good idea?

The idea of Script and Grain originated when Jessica's original business, JesSmith Designs, wanted to grow to offer products and not just custom calligraphy and stationery services. This was sort of two-fold; with the wedding lull in 2020, events came back full circle in 2021. We had time to think about what could not only allow JSD to outsource less, but offer potential customers MORE with their experience. With the expansion, we invested our time and resources to investigate the best route that we could take together, in order to truly make this small business our own.  

Question Two: What is Script and Grain, exactly?

In a nutshell, Script and Grain is our e-store for laser engraving products AND services. With our laser machine, we will be able to design very unique items for your home, gifts, and more, while also allowing engraving services for individuals and small businesses.

While Jes continues to have a Hobby Lobby addiction, there is just something about being able to invest in a custom, MEANINGFUL decor piece or item rather than a big box store product.

In addition to beautiful products, we decided to make Script and Grain the home of JesSmith Designs stationery collections to make a one-stop gift shop. 

Question Three: What about JesSmith Designs?

JesSmith Designs is thriving! Jes specializes in weddings and CUSTOM calligraphy and stationery artwork, which will remain so. Script and Grain will allow pre-designed stationery sets and cards to be made available to the public all while shopping for the perfect gifts. 

Question Four: What is meant by "Script" and "Grain"?

If you're a small business owner, you know how hard it is to name a business. If the name isn't taken, it is hard to truly get creative. Since we were merging stationery with an incredible product line to sell on an e-commerce platform, we conveniently named our business "Script and Grain". Script represents the note card and stationery aspect, while Grain represents our laser cut and engraved wood decor. 

Question Five: So, what products will you offer?

If we think it, we create it! Right now we have TWELVE categories of products that we will always be updating with new pieces. They are similar in the aspect that we hope to keep the natural beauty of wood with staining variants, rather than painting wood. Jes always has a heart for all pieces sentimental, while Ben has the most innovative mind so together, possibilities are endless. 

In addition, we both have mad love for small business owners and hope to work with other small and local businesses for laser engraving services. 

Question Six: Do you take custom orders?

Of course! While we both have a mindset that balances each other well, we certainly can't think of it all. If you have an idea you would love to have brought to life, we would love to design something exclusively for you. Just reach out to us and we can chat about your needs and build a quote!


Again, thank you so much for visiting our online shop - we are blessed with the best clients and are grateful for each and every share, "like", review and purchase. 

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