Engraved Patent Prints

  • Engraved Patent Prints

Engraved Patent Prints


Bring in the nostalgia with a patent print of something meaningful to your life memories!

Engraved on whitewashed maple wood, the patent print is finished with a hand crafted wood box-frame with the product name engraved directly on it.

To order, simply provide the item you would like the patent to be pulled for. Or, provide the direct link using Googles patent search. You will be emailed a copy to ensure it is correct.

Finished product is 8x10" in size and finished with sawtooth hanging hardware.

For all Milestones

From home decor to corporate gifts, memorials to wedding decor, we have you covered.

All in the Details

Every piece is closely designed in order to bring your ideas to life.

Unlimited Styles

Bring your art to life in a 3D or engraved style or have something designed just for you.