Love Story Wooden Keychain *Read Description*

  • Love Story Wooden Keychain *Read Description*

Love Story Wooden Keychain *Read Description*


Introducing our "Love Story" Wooden Keychain, a sentimental masterpiece designed to encapsulate the journey of you as a couple. Each of the four sides tells a unique chapter in your story, from the geographical coordinates of where you first met to a special handwritten note. Crafted with precision and love, this Koa keychain serves as a daily reminder of the beautiful narrative you continue to write together.

A perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, or to celebrate the love of parents, the "Love Story" keychain offers a tangible representation of your unique bond. Carry the warmth of your shared memories wherever life takes you, making each day a new page in the extraordinary story you're building together.

Koa Wood is 3” wide and ½” thick

When ordering - please enter your text exactly as you would like it to appear. We are not responsible for obtaining geographical coordinates, roman numerals or song styles/links. They are attainable through a quick search, or reach out for assistance. 

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