4-in-1 Baby Milestone Set - Longhorn/Cow

  • 4-in-1 Baby Milestone Set - Longhorn/Cow

4-in-1 Baby Milestone Set - Longhorn/Cow


It all goes so quickly... their new clothes, bottles, and even the crib. But now you can keep a special piece of your babys growing journey with our 4 in 1 Milestone set!

🪵  Announce their arrival to the world

🪵  Bond using our set as a prop during monthly photos 

🪵  Play and learn together with several built in, learning activities as they enter the toddler years

🪵 Display the work of art in their room as decor... for as long as you can.

Our set features interchangeable acrylic numbers that are slobber proof and easily washable. There are three tags included: (1) Name flips to birth stats, (1) "Month" flips to "months" and once tag tester, to make sure your sharpie or marker is bleed-free!

Please note: any tags that are ordered pre-personalized will not be 3D, as pictured, as the smaller pieces could risk breaking off with your little one. Names or smaller details will be engraved. 

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