Keepsake Shaker Ornaments

  • Keepsake Shaker Ornaments

Keepsake Shaker Ornaments


Crafted with care, our new shaker ornaments are more than decorations – they’re tiny storytellers, capturing the essence of your journey.

Whether it’s celebrating a graduation, marking a year of love for newlyweds (and seasoned ones!), or recounting the chapters of your personal story this year, these ornaments are a canvas for your cherished moments.

Each shake reveals a cascade of memories, beautifully encapsulating the tale you hold close to your heart. 🖤Let your story shine through art with our meticulously crafted shaker ornaments!

Each ornament includes up to 6 symbols.

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For all Milestones

From home decor to corporate gifts, memorials to wedding decor, we have you covered.

All in the Details

Every piece is closely designed in order to bring your ideas to life.

Unlimited Styles

Bring your art to life in a 3D or engraved style or have something designed just for you.