Bouquet Bar: Box-Framed Bouquet

  • Bouquet Bar: Box-Framed Bouquet

Bouquet Bar: Box-Framed Bouquet


A one-of-a-kind handcrafted home decor item, this box-framed bouquet will bring a meaningful touch to any living space. Featuring hand drawn flowers from respective birth months in a 12x12" wood frame, this makes a perfect special gift for any occasion or someone special in your life.

Our Bouquet Bar is perfect for occasions like Mothers Day, bridal parties or just surprising a loved one. Make a lasting impression with our three-dimensional, hand crafted shelf-sitter that perfectly accents any room or office.

Designing your product is easy:

1- Pick your flowers: they coincide with the birth months throughout the year. Custom Artwork pricing is included in the price. 

2- Choose your gift: there is something for everyone, and more always being added!

3- Provide us with the information necessary to arrange your exclusive design and I will bring it to life

Want to use the same bouquet on multiple items? Simply choose 0 - Product Add-on  to just purchase the item would the additional artwork. 

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