Color Add-On

  • Color Add-On

Color Add-On


Did you find something *almost perfect* but you would love a little more than stain? Now you can add colors of your choice to any project. 

When we started Script and Grain, we had a clean, minimal, and rustic design board in our minds that focused on bringing out the beauty in details - natural grain - to make each project unique. 

We get that's not for everyone, so now you can further customize any project you like. 

To order:  Cost is per color. For more than one color, adjust the quantity. 2 for $24, 3 for $36, and so on. 

For all Milestones

From home decor to corporate gifts, memorials to wedding decor, we have you covered.

All in the Details

Every piece is closely designed in order to bring your ideas to life.

Unlimited Styles

Bring your art to life in a 3D or engraved style or have something designed just for you.