What it Means to Me: The Defined Collection

  • What it Means to Me: The Defined Collection

What it Means to Me: The Defined Collection


Inspired by the love between siblings and the special bond a family has, our Definition collection personalizes what it means to be a Brother, Sister, Sibling, Twin, and Family. The perfect addition to a gallery wall, or even a pregnancy announcement!

**All artwork will be framed. Some photos are of incomplete product**

To order, select your phrase choice, size (based on handprints), and frame stain color. 

The sign size and length will be determined by the number of handprints in your order and the standard would be 12x12". The sign will be scaled to an appropriate size according to the handprints. By default, handprints will be arranged largest to smallest unless otherwise noted. 

Personalize your decor with family names on the display space. 

If you would like the handprints/footprints to be true to size, measure from the top of the longest finger to the heel of your palm and include with your message.

We request all handprints be made on a piece of paper using contrasting ink. We recommend inkless pads from Amazon for quick and easy results!

For all Milestones

From home decor to corporate gifts, memorials to wedding decor, we have you covered.

All in the Details

Every piece is closely designed in order to bring your ideas to life.

Unlimited Styles

Bring your art to life in a 3D or engraved style or have something designed just for you.